About Us


Bon Cat Furniture was established with a mission to provide premium quality cat furniture appealing both to cats and their owners. All of Bon Cat Furniture products are made of top-notch sturdy 5/8 inch (15 mm, 11-ply) thick Baltic Birch plywood imported from Russia. They are also combined with quality carpets, fabrics, acrylic and ceramic components to make premium cat furniture.

Modern design is one of the key attributes of Bon Cat Furniture products. Our products are solely developed by an outstanding furniture designer, Greg Noh, with unique and proprietary designs for creativity and craftsmanship. The solidity and rigidity of Baltic Birch plywood make it an ideal material for holding screws in place with excellent grip and also a premium high-quality flat pack cat furniture. Thanks to the sturdiness of the material and the solid structural design, Bon Cat Furniture products will last for years compared to run-of-the-mill cat furniture on the market.

All of Bon Cat Furniture products are proudly made in U.S.A. Based in Anaheim, California, we manufacture our product line in our own workshop. Each product is meticulously crafted utilizing CNC machines along with manual jobs in order to meet the highest standard of hand-made cat furniture. To put it simply, cheaply made cat furniture are no competition for us.